Board Members - 2019

President: Chris Schmitt

Vice President: Bob & Dolva Mitchell

Treasurer: Jim Parker

Secretary: open

Membership Chair: Gail Heinrich

President Emeritus: Debby Stopp

Meeting minutes
Date: 12/9/2018 2:45pm

In attendence:
Gail Heinrich
Chris Schmidt
Bob Mitchell
Debby Stopp
Sybil Armen
Sam Mehlman

Minutes were taken by Chris, transcribed by Debby.

Date: 9/10/2017

In attendence:
Sam Mehlman
Ray Fulcher
Michael Zelner
Gail Heinrich
Debby Stopp
Chris Schmidt
Carol Esser
Gordon Morris


Banking - We need to update Union Bank w/new signers on the account to move forward w/the board changes. We need 3 signees; we have 4 options at this time - Gail, Debby, Sam and Chris. Need to figure out a convenient time to meet at the bank and take care of the change in signature. Debby to send out email.

Board change

President - no one volunteered or was nominated to be president. Debby, who is acting president, will continue for a few months in that position until we find someone to take that position, at which time she will take on the position of Past President.

Vice President - Ray was nominated and accepted as position for Vice President.

Secretary - Chris was nominated and accepted as position for Secretary.

Treasurer - no one volunteered, although Jim Parker volunteered to help out w/the Sunday accounting. Position still open.

Membership Chair - currently a committee position; this position to be held by Gail, who has already started on the Membership Campaign for 2018.

Other business

A2 Dance. We need to find more volunteers to help set up for the Friday night A2 dance, who can open and know how to close the building (put things away, turn off lights, lock the doors). It was mentioned that Joseph Willaker has offered to help, as well as Gail when available.

A2 Dance pay structure. From an informal survey, it was discovered that the A2 community does not like the difference in pay for the people on the singles rotation. Comments were that it was unfair and that has been keeping away. Vote was to taken and passed to remove discount for singles. In addition, the board voted to discontinue the discount for food. The feeling was that this will simplify things. Changes to take effect in December, 2017.

Sam has offered to inform Buddy about upcoming dances and changes in the pricing structure so that Buddy can announce at his Wednesday night class.

Comment was made during board meeting to press the mantra that at a Phantom dance, all A2 dancers are welcome.

Minutes were taken by Chris, transcribed by Debby.